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Writing Prompt: Truth

In a recent writing workshop, we were given a brief guided meditation and then a prompt, with 10 minutes to just spew out whatever came to mind. This is what I wrote. Where was I when I told the truth and why did it matter? I was sitting at the kitchen counter, on a tall bar stool, watching my husband make dinner. We were talking about a bunch of different topics and he had been sharing something he was thinking about and being very vulnerable. For some reason, in the… Read More »Writing Prompt: Truth

Hammers in the Fog

I was standing on a beach on a beautiful sunny day, feeling great about my accomplishment. Something I’d been working on for 5 years was finally completed. The air felt clean and crisp, making breathing easy. And then the fog rolled in. Deep gray mist surrounded me, blocking out all sources of light, including the sun. I couldn’t see two feet in front of me. I turned around, stumbling in the sand, trying to find my way back to the world. I couldn’t breath through the heaviness and I paused. Out… Read More »Hammers in the Fog

Slip ‘n Sliding Sisyphus

A small slip here, a small slip there. You don’t notice the backsliding as you step forward, until you pick your head up and realize that all of those little backslides became a slide downwards back to where you began. How do you avoid the little slides, the slippage, the cumulation of all of those little slips and slides? How do you notice what you don’t notice as it is happening? When did I become Sisyphus, with my own momentum pushing me back down the hill? Traction is needed. Or at… Read More »Slip ‘n Sliding Sisyphus

Dark Inertia

The glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel flickered and went out, plunging me back into the darkness once more. I stand still, trying to get my bearings in the dark. There is no light at all; it is pitch black where I stand. How do I maneuver out of this situation? Where is my light? What do I do know? How do I move forward, when I can’t see my hand in front of my face? I take a tentative step forward, moving slowly, unsure of what… Read More »Dark Inertia

The Wall

“Why didn’t she love me?” I cried out into the empty dark space. I fell to my knees, tears raining down my face, sobs racking my body. “She did. She does,” a voice answered. And there lies the crux of the problem. She did love me, but I couldn’t feel it from behind the wall where she hides, in fear, guilt, and shame. The root of my feeling unlovable was because she was behind a wall she built and couldn’t, wouldn’t, break down. She made all of the right motions,… Read More »The Wall