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Writing Journey: Journal Entry 1

December 29, 2020 Day 85, Week 12 Words: 40,049 Chapters: 22 Point in Book: Just on One Side of the MidPoint Ego Size: Gigantic Lima Bean I’ve decided to write a journal on the writing process: My trials and tribulations, my struggles, my quandaries, my wins. It will keep track of word count, which may increase or decrease depending on where I am in the process (dreading revisions). Total Chapters – same theme as word count. The status of where my characters are in their journey, using Save the Cat!… Read More »Writing Journey: Journal Entry 1

Moving Hearts and Minds – Arianna Huffington

The quality of people my book program (and employer), Creator Institute, convinces to get to talk to us about their fields of expertise, whether that is writing, mental health, hostage negotiation, or marketing, is amazing to me. This past week it was Arianna Huffington. She didn’t have a lot of time to spare – just 15 minutes – but she was gracious with her advice and her humor, and it was worth the little time we had to spend with her. She had quite a few key insights on writing… Read More »Moving Hearts and Minds – Arianna Huffington