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About me

I wear many hats – author, writing coach, editor, videogamer, and cross-stitcher (and I love fountain pens and stationary).

Achieve your dreams Now. Life, and the story, won't wait for you to find the 'right time.'

Cassandra C. Stirling
The story of

Cassandra Stirling

Cassandra Stirling is a development editor, book lover, and author of urban fantasy, cozy mystery, and cozy fantasy mystery stories and novels.

When she’s not writing or working, she is either cross-stitching, avoiding gardening by playing DnD or videogames on her self-built PC (Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, SWOTOR, & Baldurs Gate 3 are her favs) reading one or more books, traveling, or generally figuring out how to fit all of her life into the seventeen hours a day she’s not sleeping.


World builder tells her she’s a not a writer. Her response, “You don’t get to decide that.”

Signs up for the Book Creator  writing program. Writes her first rough draft novel – all 96,000 words – in four months.

Debut urban fantasy novel, The Deep Space Between, publishes August 24th.

Publish the first book in the Merryton Mews Mystery paranormal cozy series, Poisons and Pens, on Kindle Vella.

Publish the prequel novella in the Space Between series, The Tidal Space Between.

Publish the second book in the Merryton Mews Mystery cozy paranormal series, Holly and Havoc, on Kindle Vella.

Publish the second book in the Space Between series, The Dark Space Between.

Publish the first Cozy Vales anthology, Winter Tales from Cozy Vales, including Sour at The Salt & Pickle, a tale in the Pokeberry Village Cozy Fantasy Mystery series.