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Cozy Fantasy

Mystery with a dash of magic and a dollop of cozy fantasy in Cozy Vales.

The Pokeberry Village Mystery Series

Cozy Vales anthology
Winter Anthology #1

A delightful collection of cozy fantasy stories set in teh coziest of worlds

Join me and nine other authors for cozy fantasy winter tales in Queen Liara’s queendom, Cozy Vales. Pour yourself a mug of tea, coffee, or cocoa (we don’t judge), wrap up in your fluffiest of blankets, and enjoy tales of needle-wielding pixies, wandering teahouses, witchy stitchers, bard toads, and so much more.

The anthology features the start of my new Pokeberry Village series, Sour at The Salt & Pickle.

Sour at The Salt & Pickle

Kithaela Nevyn, and her pixie companion, Frangipani, are traveling from Capital City to her new hometown in Moonseed Vale. Their last stop on their journey is in Croesfford at The Salt & Pickle Inn. They expected some revelry in celebrating the first week of the winter holiday, Winter’s Tide, decent food and drink, and a good night’s rest. But what they find instead is… murder.

About Cozy Vales and the Pokeberry Village Series

Cozy Vales is a shared fantasy world, meaning multiple authors have come together to create an amazing place filled with elves, orcs, humans, witches, dragons, and pixies. Each author created a vale for their stories, and each story has a unique tale to tell.

Moonseed Vale, the setting for my upcoming Pokeberry Village cozy fantasy mystery series, sits one hundred miles northwest of the Capital City on the border with the Republic of Wistram. Bordered by mountains, the sloping green valleys of Moonseed are criss-crossed with rushing rivers. Vegetable and cattle farmers dot the landscape, but its chief import is medicinal remedies. And its poisons.

Pokeberry Village is the largest town in Moonseed with over 2,000 inhabitants. The townsfolk include humans, elves, orcs, dwarves, pixies, sprites, garden gnomes, and tylluans (an owl-like creature with immunities to poisons). The village is lined with ivy-laden stone cottages and rich gardens. Each cottage has a name, which originated from a poison of some kind. And like all charming villages (especially if you’ve ever seen the Midsomer Mystery TV series), it contains nefarious dwellers who get up to no good.

Like murder.

Coming soon - Bereft at The Belladonna

Kithaela Nevyn and her pixie companion, Frangi, have settled into Jessamine Cottage in Pokeberry Village after an adventurous start and solving a murder in Croesfford (Sour at The Salt & Pickle). The quiet the village promised has revived Kithaela’s flagging inspiration, and she’s spent the past three months hard at work on a new book cover design for Iola Vaughn’s bestselling mystery.

When Vivane Cletts, her new friend, asks Kit to stop by and talk about a serious matter, she agrees. But what she finds when she arrives sets her once more on the path to hunt down a killer. Can she solve the mystery in time or will an innocent person be framed for the crime?