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Urban Fantasy

A little bit of magic and a lot of books. 

The Space Between Series

Stories about resilience, belonging, grief, family and found family, and figuring out who you are in the space between.


How much does your past determine who you become in your future?

Seraphina Lastra Covington is a girl trying to survive the family dynamics of being the only human in her Shapechanging family and the Magical Community of Merricott, New Hampshire. All she wants to do is spend time with her family, roam the woods, read books, make friends, and enjoy the town festival. But nothing ever happens the way she’d like, and the voice in her head doesn’t help with that.

In The Prior Space Between, Seraphina navigates six snapshots from five years of her early life, where being barred from entering her family’s library or being bitten by a frightened Elf were the worst things that could have happened to her. 

Until they weren’t.

This is a novelette prequel to the first book of the Space Between series, The Deep Space Between. This prequel includes the Prologue from that book, which is included to help readers understand a little bit of the factors in play in Seraphina’s life.

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Prequel Novella

Unknown undercurrents. Looming life decisions.
Can she repair their friendship before it sinks beneath the waves?

Seraphina Lastra Covington wants to enjoy her last summer of high school. After a lousy junior year at her human boarding school, the seventeen-year-old yearns to put off major life decisions and repair the rift between her and her Selkie best friend, Ro. But when Ro’s terrifying grandmother descends upon the Hamptons’ house, Seraphina fears their fun summer won’t be the only thing that dies.
Avoiding Merrowfolk politics and ignoring Ro’s snarky comments, Seraphina hopes she can survive the summer unscathed. But when she makes a disastrous mistake and Ro takes the blame for it, she fears the backlash will scar them both forever. Can Seraphina fight the tide going out on their friendship before it’s too late, or will this summer spell the end of all she holds dear?
The Tidal Space Between is the novella prequel to the Space Between urban fantasy series. If you like deep bonds of friendship, coming of age stories, and taking responsibility for your actions, you’ll love this quirky tale.
Book 1

Lastra the Cursed. That's all they'll ever be known as.

Seraphina Lastra Covington never planned to set foot in the Magical Community of Merricott, New Hampshire again. But twelve years later, armed with a shiny new masters degree but no job, she has no choice. Worst of all, the town is still hostile.

Figuring out who she wants to be now that she’s all grown up and facing the painful ghosts of her past are hard enough. But when her not-so-imaginary friend speaks to her again, everything she thought she knew about herself, her family, and her past turns out to be wrong.

The Deep Space Between is a character-driven urban fantasy that explores friendship, grief, and identity while unearthing Merricott’s—and the Lastra family’s—deepest secrets.

Book 2

An unknown threat.
A perception of weakness.
One misstep could be her last.

Seraphina Lastra Covington is bored. After arriving at the hidden Security Forces of the Free Folk facility in Virginia for training, the dual-souled human is disappointed by the endless regulations, painful lab tests, and tedious books. When a combat mission goes horribly wrong, she finds herself on the wrong side of everyone and useful to none.

Pushing to learn everything she doesn’t know and not able to share what she does, Seraphina balances on a fine line of trust, cooperation, and keeping quiet. But when a security breach comes to light, and a hunt ensues for the traitor, she is shocked to find herself at the top of the list. Can she clear herself without revealing her secrets or will her silence be her doom?

The Dark Space Between is the second book in the Space Between urban fantasy series. If you like stories about new friends, betrayal, and standing on your own two feet, then you’ll love Cassandra Stirling’s pulse-pounding adventure.