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Pandora’s Box of Treasures

  It’s a small trunk. Brown and battered, with leather straps carefully buckled tightly closed. It contains parts of me: my dreams; my hopes; pieces of me that were criticized, belittled, mocked, made fun of; hurts and lessons from my life experiences. I placed them in the box to survive; cut off pieces of me and who I am/dream of being to survive my life experiences. My whole life to this point has been about survival. Being invisible, not standing out, to avoid being mocked or hurt. Pushing all that is me… Read More »Pandora’s Box of Treasures


I float in the lake. Stillness all around. There is no tide, no motion, just stillness. The warm water cups my body and I am numb. I float for years like this through life. No passion, no excitement, just numbness. I want a ripple to appear in the lake. I want a boat to race by, a fish to take a taste, a bird to swoop down; something, anything to break up the stillness, but nothing happens. And even if something would occur, I won’t notice it, in my quiet cocoon… Read More »Inertia

The War of the Washroom Notes

It started with a note, or rather, with behavior that others on the fourth floor found frustrating. It was a simple idea, really; use the washroom located on your own floor. Only, there was one toilet for women on each floor. When it was in use, you waited patiently or walked down a floor to use the one there. But for some, it was less about a free washroom and more about convenience. It was more convenient to use the washroom on your floor. It was more convenient to not have… Read More »The War of the Washroom Notes