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Writing Journey: Journal Entry 49

December 15, 2021

Day 436, Week 62

Emotional State: Over it, yet going with the flow

Life, BOOKS, & WritinG

Oh boy. I’m all over the place right now. I created my publishing schedule. I tweaked it. I set up a crazy weekly schedule to get it all done. That hasn’t changed. It’s been almost a week and I’m okay with my daily plans and I’ve tweaked them a bit to flow better.

But. I sat down to write a few blogs, schedule out some marketing, and generally get organized for next year, and… I don’t wanna. I don’t want more on my plate than I’ve already put. I was brainstorming ideas and watching IG reels of people who planned out their blogs, reels, and posts for a year in advance. It’s a great idea. And I’m all for doing that, except that I don’t want to. I just don’t.

I’m over it.

I’m over the continual marketing. I’m over the need to fill in all the things, and be all the things, and do all the things. It’s like my cup is overflowing with schedules and tasks and I just don’t want any more. So I’m not going to do it. Okay. That’s not quite accurate. I am going to continue to market, but less aggressively… for now.

I am not, however, going to plan out a post every Friday on my blog or even every other Friday. I’m just not. I’m tired. And I don’t know what to write about and I don’t have the energy to think about what I want to write about, let alone write about it. So, I’m not going to. If I have a topic that is inspired, I’ll write it. If not, I won’t.

I will continue my bimonthly book reviews, because I’m still reading and still reviewing. And these weekly posts will continue, because I find writing it down releases it and I either get inspired or let go of a bunch of baggage I shouldn’t be carrying around anyway.

Medium will get less of my time, for now. Again, if I’m inspired by something, I’ll post it. But what’s the point in cramming in yet another thing to write when I’m not feeling it just to fill a calendar slot? There is none. Yes, my followers have grown and my articles there have paid for my $5/month membership, but what is it getting me besides more work? I don’t know. Maybe after a break I will know. Or maybe I won’t.

I currently don’t care.

It may be the holidays. It may be the schedules I’ve created have put more pressure on me and I just can’t face them. I’m not sure yet. But for now, I’m going to listen to my body and take a break from the madness. Enjoy the holidays, for once. Live a little.

After all, it’s all we really have at the end of the day – this life. So why aren’t we enjoying it more?

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