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Welcome to Cozy Vales

Join me and eight other authors for cozy fantasy winter tales in Queen Liara’s queendom, Cozy Vales. Pour yourself a mug of tea, coffee, or cocoa (we don’t judge), wrap up in your fluffiest of blankets, and enjoy tales of needle-wielding pixies, wandering teahouses, witchy stitchers, bard toads, and so much more.

The anthology features the start of my new Pokeberry Village Mystery series, Sour at The Salt & Pickle.

Cozy Vales anthology

Books, Books, Books

I am all about books. I read them, edit them, write them, review them, and throw them at the wall when they frustrate me. They also appear as main features in both of the series I write, whether as a job for both of my protaganists (Seraphina – book restorer; Jenna – writer), a love of reading as a hobby, or as literary quotes to teach someone a lesson.

You could say I am immersed in them in all the ways that count. If you love all things books, then come in and take a spin around. Don’t worry, I won’t throw a book at your head, but I may convince you to read one.

The story of

Cassandra Stirling

Cassandra Stirling’s entire career revolves around language. She has worked in the fields of law, publishing, and marketing; writing a book seemed like a natural progression. In 2019, her husband noted that, while Cassandra’s childhood dream job was to be a writer, she “was not a writer,” as “she didn’t write.”

She proved him wrong by writing her debut novel, The Deep Space Between.

The Space Between Urban Fantasy Series

The Pokeberry Village Cozy Fantasy Mystery Series

Cozy Vales anthology

Anthology #1