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Pieces of Me in The Deep Space Between

Easter Eggs Part Five

In the final part five of the Easter Eggs article series from my book, I wanted to share something a bit deeper. There are many pieces of me in The Deep Space Between – from the music I shared in part 1 to the setting I shared in part 3 to the books and quotes I shared in part 4. But these two pieces are specific to my life in a way the others aren’t.

They are a person and a pet I loved, who have since passed. I wanted to honor them both.

Aunt T

I’ve already shared and written an article about why I nicknamed my MC’s aunt, “Aunt T,” but I’ll give you the brief rundown here. I had an Aunt Thaina, who most people called “T”. She was my mom’s older sister whom I visited in 2019 after a very long time (20 years) of not seeing her. She was the aunt who kept track of me, despite my many moves. A month after I visited her, she sent me a gold pen that she’d had for fifty years. She passed away about six weeks later.

At the time, I hadn’t planned on writing and publishing the book, although I already had the idea for it. When it came time for me to take the plunge, I remembered that pen and thought it was a sign from her and the Universe to make it a reality. She never got to read my book or even know that I wrote it, but I know she would’ve been its biggest cheerleader.


The other picture is Wicket, my gorgeous amazing intelligent cat who died in 2010. I had him for fourteen years. He survived multiple cross-country moves by car and airplane, got lost in a friends’ house along the way (we used her dad’s hunting dog to find him up inside the arm of a couch), and never failed to purr the moment I woke up in the morning. He was also incredibly skittish, so only people who he was used to got to see his amazing personality. And it was truly amazing.

I could go on and on about him, but I’ll share just a few stories. He had long hair that matted easily and I did my best to keep it under control. During those longer brushing sessions, he would tell me he’d had enough by putting his teeth on my wrist, hard enough to get my attention but not break the skin, and glare at me. I always got the point; hard not to when he did that. Another fun story: whenever I traveled, upon my return, he would stay in the same room as me, but with his back to me. If I called his name, he’d slowly turn his head, sneer at me in the way that only cats can, and slowly turn his head away again. I got that message too.

He died of cancer two months before I married my husband and in some small way, I wonder if it was his way of making room in my life for my world builder. Wicket took a piece of me when he left, if you haven’t noticed by the few stories I shared, so of course he’s in the book in a small way.

That’s a Wrap!

Aunt T and Wicket will both appear throughout the books in the series: Aunt T because she’s Seraphina’s aunt and Wicket because it’ll be fun to weave him in as a random cat here or there. He won’t be in every book, but if you read them, you’ll see an occasional reference.

And that finishes this series of articles on the Easter Eggs in my book. There’s also a hidden image on the cover, but I doubt anyone but me or my world builder will get that one. I hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes content I shared in this article series and if you ever want to know more, you can find it here in the World Building and Novel Backstories section of my website.

If any of this has intrigued you enough to want to purchase the link, it is available on all fine retailers here. There is also a playlist and additional information on The Book page.