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Sand Solidarity

I fSand Solidarityelt like a grain of sand. A small speck of dust doing battle with a rolling, speeding wave. I wasn’t going to win this battle. I knew that; I expected it even. However, I hadn’t expected to feel so small against the incoming tower of water nor to feel so battered as it passed. How was I going to prevail against the wave? Not win, not just survive, but come out a brighter, shinier version of me? Because wasn’t that the point of it all? I wasn’t seeking a life lived by the skin of my teeth, barely hanging on until I died. I wanted a life, a vibrant, full of magic and mystery, life; one that jumped off the page – not every day (how could that be possible?), but every once in a while. And achieving that life required change, a break from the routine (and oh, how I loved my routines), a jump (or fall?) without a net.

And so I started to change, took risks, made new routines, found my footing, slipped, tried again. I made progress; sweet, small, and yet fully my own, progress. And then the wave came and I tumbled around, feeling insignificant and frustrated. Why wasn’t my life already different? Why were the gains so small? How was I supposed to be cheered on by my tiny little progress, when I was defenseless against a wave of normalcy? What was the point of all of the effort? I was so alone in the fight against the wave. How was I going to continue on?

And then the wave left and I slowly settled back down to the ground. And all around me were other grains of sand, sparkling in the sunlight in their own way. And I felt safe and supported; no longer alone, yet still unique.

Until the next wave.